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-Leadership board updated.

-Donate button 


-Home bar now appears on every page


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Welcome To Grimm Gaming


                                  Grimm Gaming was founded by Ðaragaaz  in October 2012. 

We are a community of like minded gamers, playing on all levels of gaming.  We have a variety of casual and competitive PC players.  We focus most of our time on tactical shooters such as DayZ, and we are launching our own server soon!  We also enjoy an assortment of other game genre's.  We identify as reapers because we believe that our primary mission is to inflict death on all servers and games we operate on.  Whatever you find, whatever you gain...

                                                            "We reap what you sow"

The Grimm Gaming Youtube channel


We are officially relaunching our YouTube channel, head on over and subscribe. We want video's from all over the Grimm Gaming community to be featured on this channel.  So if you record your game play and want to see your video on the channel go ahead and contact WhiteyTidy on steam to see if your video can go on the channel. As this is a community of gamer's then this will be a channel for community members video's!  


Grimm INstgram


Grimm Gaming Twitter


Be sure to follow us on twitter for weekly updates on community activities!

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