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Joshua Eldridge
Dec 31, 2019
In Mil Sim Operations
!!!!!!RESPOND WITH WILL OR WILL NOT ATTEND!!!! IF YOU DO NOT LET Capt Cury OR 1SG WINNY KNOW YOU WILL BE LATE YOU WILL NOT PLAY! MOD LIST HERE Campaign Mission Start Times: 6:00 P.M Campaign Start Date: 01/04/2019 Location - Afghanistan Province of Takistan Campaign Start Date - Jan 4th, 2019 Campaign Mission Brief - With recent terrorist activity in the region, the UN has decided to base a permanent Canadian UN Task Force in Takistan. Our main mission is to provide a military presence in the larger towns to deter any attacks. Lots of urban combat up ahead, and lots of community outreach to be done. We will also be delivering supplies to the local militia, as well as training them to fight the Boko Haram terrorist group. Also during this mission, our contingent will be the Quick Reaction Force to respond to any terrorist attacks in the region. This means that we need to be on our toes and be ready to move to a second objective at the drop of a hat. Campaign Main Obj - Locate and Neutralize Terrorist fronts Campaign Secondary Obj - Train Local Militia Campaign Secondary Obj - Provide QRF to any terrorist acts Friendly Assets - US Air Support, Local Militia Enemy Assets - Truck Mounted MGs, I.E.Ds, Suicide Bombers, Rogue Militia Call Signs: Command - Overlord 22nd "Vandoos" Infantry: Vandoo 1 Air Assets: Striker Radio Freq - 150 SR, 80 LR Good Luck boys.

Joshua Eldridge

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